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Wolf Run

Play Wild Wolf - Grrrr! Before IGT launched Coyote Moon they released at least 3 (that I can think of!) identical games in terms of gameplay (obviously the themes differ) and the most popular of those is the Wolf Run game which comes in two flavours: the 40-payline "classic" Wolf Run and the 50-payline "Wild Wolf" game. Paylines aside they are pretty much the same game.

As a clone of Coyote Moon - I'm not sure which came first quite honestly - the gameplay on Wolf Run is identical. It has stacked wilds and the free spin feature where you get 5 free spins with extra stacked wilds but no extra multiplier. You probably know all this already so I'll just add that the RTP - the theoretical long-term return - of Wolf Run is 94.98%. Surprise surprise - the same as Coyote Moon! The Wild Wolf variant, with it's extra 10 paylines, has an RTP of a whole 0.1% less at 94.97% LOL.

You'll find Wolf Run and Coyote Moon at all the casinos listed to the left or in the grid below the video although the Wild Wolf seems to be a tad more picky about where it resides. Also worth noting - before you get *too* excited - is that IGT have a very strict policy on who can and can't play IGT games online, Wolf Run included. What it boils down to is if online gambling is legal in your country you'll be fine and if it's not, you'll have to wait to play I'm afraid. That even includes fun play too. Sorry.

The video below shows the Wolf Run slot's feature being triggered and played out with a lot of stacked wilds joining the party.

A Video of the Wolf Run Game

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