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Coyote Moon Slot - Play Now To be honest, it took a lot longer than I expcted for IGT to get around to releasing an online version of the popular Coyote Moon slot although I guess there a number of reasons why this might have been the case. Perhaps they considered it too similar to the Wolf Run game (it is after all, exactly the same game-play) or perhaps it simply isn't as popular as similar IGT games. I can only speculate but at least now, it's online and is essentially the same game but with fresher graphics and a slightly altered sound palette.

Briefly, for those who don't know the Coyote Moon slot then it's a 5 reel slot with 4 symbols on each reel, stacked wilds and a free spin feature which awards 5 free spins with extra wild symbols thrown in. The expected long-term payout percentage (RTP) of the online version is touted as being "from 92.5% to 94.98%" but I know that Wolf Run is 94.98% so I expect that that is the default for Coyote Moon.

The Coyote Moon slot is classed as a low-medium volatility slot game: what this means is that you won't often get a mega-hit that makes you jump in the air, high-five the dog and rush out to buy a new car but it does mean you can get small and modest profits from it on a fairly regular basis. It's one for the "entertainment factor" rather than the jetset high-roller. If you want the opposite effect then you need to be looking at slots like the 2 popular Book Of Ra slots by Novomatic or IGT's very own Pharaoh's Fortune, both of which are now online.

Like many other IGT slot games, Coyote Moon's free spin feature is triggered by getting the bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 - the only reels that symbol appears. It happens a little more frequently than in games like "Kitty Glitter" and "Cats" which follow a similar pattern to be fair but 5 free spins at 1x with extra wilds - albeit with the chance of retriggers - doesn't really sound that exciting to me! Perhaps that's because I played this and clones like Wolf Run and Li'l Lady too much for too long over the years on my vegas trips. The novelty has worn off a bit!

I'll leave you with a video of the online version of Coyote Moon showing the bonus round and a list of the online casinos that have it to play for real money. Happy hunting!

Coyote Moon Slot Video

Online Casinos with Coyote Moon

Casinos With Coyote Moon Slots

The first thing to note is that IGT have pretty strict rules on which countries can have access to their slots and the Coyote Moon slot is no exception. The reason for this is that IGT themselves have lucrative land-based slot machine licences to protect and they can't be seen to be taking slot players from countries where online gambling is illegal.

As a result, what you see above is a list of the casinos that - assuming your country has legal online gambling - allow or take players from your country. If the activity is illegal in your country then you will still see a list of the casinos that have Coyote Moon and other IGT slot games but I'nm afraid if you try to sign up, you wont be able to until the day comes when it's legal to do so.

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